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Important notes

  • You can use variables inside of your script that are replaced with the variables before the script is even ran. So if you do tts({ message: "{{username}}" }), it will replace the "{{username}}" with whoever is calling the command before the script is even ran. Take note that the variable is wrapped in quotes to be used as a string since when it is replaced it does not automatically add the quotes.

  • By default variable values from the command/alert will be passed to the command/alert that you call. You can bypass those values as well as add new ones by passing in variableValues into the command. e.g: callCommand({ value: 'cool-people', variableValues: { 'username': 'lumia' }})

  • If you are attempting to use this inside of Chat Command, Twitch Points, or Twitch Extension we expose a new variable called {{userLevelsRaw}}. This variable will contain an object with the different userlevels this user has. The different options are: isSelf, mod, vip, tier3, tier2, tier1, subscriber, follower. In your code you should use const levels = await getVariable('userLevelsRaw'); and then you can check a level with if (levels.subscriber) {} since these are all booleans

  • Everything ran is in a safe JavaScript worker thread away from the Lumia Stream thread so no need to worry about scripts slowing down the app. Make sure you do avoid memory leaks by calling done() when you're done with your script

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