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What is custom javascript code?

Custom Code will allow you to extend Lumia Stream's functionality by adding conditions to what you want to happen. You can even make your own scenarios that trigger other commands/alerts with code.

Before we begin while being a coder helps, we will try to give as many examples for you to copy and paste so that you won't need to be a coder to do cool things. Let's begin

Open Lumia Stream and head to Commands > Chat then edit or add a new command that you want to activate javascript code on.

Add Command

Next on the tabs at the top click on Custom Javascript

Custom Code Tab

You'll see an input where you can put all the code that you copy from the sections below like this

Code Input


code blocks like the one below ๐Ÿ‘‡ have a copy button on the top right corner click it then paste in Lumia stream

async function() {
    // put your code inside here
    // always make sure this is the last line in the code otherwise your computer may get slower due to memory leaks    done();