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Welcome to the Lumia Stream API docs for enlightened developers! You'll find everything you need to start integrating into the Lumia ecosystem here.

What is Lumia Stream#

Lumia Stream is an ecosystem that controls dozens of light brands and connects them to various different Streaming Platforms, Tools, Games, and protocols. Different light brands are hard, so let us do the heavy lifting while you just make the connection to your cool new games and apps.

Is the API free to use and develop for#

The API is available to be used in both the free and premium version of Lumia Stream so fret not.

What can I do with the developers API#

There are loads of things you can do from extremely simple things like recalling a users command, triggering a twitch point redemption, calling an alert, and a lot more. Most importantly though is that you will be able to send generic colors to Lumia Stream with full control of duration, brightness, transition, and the ability to choose which lights should be changed with each request. This opens up a world of opportunities.

Also you will be able to listen to incoming events coming in through Lumia. This makes it very simple to setup your own alerts and triggers based on what's coming in through Lumia Stream using our websockets

Want to create your own light integration, new wireless plug, or just simply trigger Lumia in whatever way you see fit? Say no more.

Can I upload my plugin#

At the moment we do not have a plugin system, but we're working on it every day to make it easier for users to download and start using what developers will create. We're also expanding the capabilities of what the API can do. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter or joining our Discord

Getting Help#

If you're running into issues, need help, or just want to chat with us, join the community Discord and ask away