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Get settings from Lumia

Lumia Stream has various ways users can setup their stream. Some users use commands, others may use only twitch points, the possibilities vary. This is why we have an endpoint to retireve the users settings such as what chat commands does the user have, twitch points, extensions, connections, and even the lights they currently have connected. This make it extremely simple to target what is needed.

Lumia Stream's api server runs on local port 39231 and at this time does not have a cloud api, but one will be coming.

You can retrieve the settings from the user by sending a GET request:

GET http://localhost:39231/api/retrieve?token=your_token

Make sure you replace your_token with your actual token

An example response would look like this:

{    "status": 200,    "data": {        "premium": true,        "types": [            "alert",            "chat-command",            "chatbot-message",            "clear-queue",            "hex-color",            "rgb-color",            "set-fuze",            "set-lumia",            "start-lumia",            "stop-lumia",            "studio-animation",            "studio-scene",            "studio-theme",            "to-default",            "toggle-fuze",            "trovo-spells",            "tts",            "twitch-extension",            "twitch-points"        ],        "options": {            "alert": {                "values": [                    "twitch-follower",                    "twitch-subscriber",                    "twitch-bits",                    "twitch-host",                    "twitch-raid",                    "youtube-subscriber",                    "youtube-superchat",                    "youtube-supersticker",                    "youtube-member",                    "facebook-follower",                    "facebook-reaction",                    "facebook-star",                    "facebook-support",                    "facebook-share",                    "facebook-fan",                    "trovo-follower",                    "trovo-subscriber",                    "streamlabs-donation",                    "streamlabs-merch",                    "streamlabs-redemption",                    "streamlabs-primegift",                    "streamelements-donation",                    "obs-switchProfile",                    "obs-switchScene",                    "obs-switch-transition",                    "obs-streamStarting",                    "obs-streamStopping",                    "slobs-switchScene",                    "treatstream-treat",                    "pulse-heartrate",                    "pulse-calories"                ]            },            "chat": {},            "chat-command": {                "values": [                    "aqua",                    "blue",                    "emerald",                    "green",                    "police",                    "purple",                    "red",                ]            },            "chatbot-message": {},            "clear-queue": null,            "hex-color": {},            "rgb-color": {},            "set-fuze": null,            "set-lumia": null,            "start-lumia": null,            "stop-lumia": null,            "studio-animation": {                "values": [                    "Fireworks",                    "Flicker",                    "Lava",                    "Water",                    "breathe",                    "flashbang",                    "rainbow",                    "yinyang"                ]            },            "studio-scene": {                "values": [                    "Blue Gradient",                    "Candy Cane",                    "Flame",                    "Fruits",                    "Green Gradient",                    "Red Gradient",                    "Sunset",                    "Tropical",                    "rgb",                    "snow"                ]            },            "studio-theme": {                "values": [                    "aurora",                    "circus",                    "nemo"                ]            },            "to-default": null,            "toggle-fuze": null,            "trovo-spells": {                "values": [                    "Bravo!",                    "Cash Bang",                    "Champion",                    "EZ",                    "GGWP",                    "HYPE",                    "Hand in Hand",                    "Leon Lime",                    "On Fire",                    "Rose",                    "Shint Uni",                    "Stay Safe",                    "Super Good",                    "Top1",                    "Torch",                    "Winner"                ]            },            "tts": {                "values": {                    "devices": [                        {                            "id": "125",                            "label": "MacBook Pro Speakers"                        },                        {                            "id": "87",                            "label": "ZoomAudioDevice"                        }                    ],                    "currentDevice": {                        "id": "desktop",                        "label": "desktop"                    },                    "voices": [                        {                            "id": "Agnes",                            "label": "Agnes",                            "language": "en_US"                        },                        {                            "id": "Albert",                            "label": "Albert",                            "language": "en_US"                        },                        {                            "id": "Alex",                            "label": "Alex",                            "language": "en_US"                        }                    ]                }            },            "twitch-extension": {                "values": [                    "blue",                    "emerald",                    "green",                    "new-command",                    "pink",                    "red"                ]            },            "twitch-points": {                "values": [                    "blue",                    "emerald",                    "green",                    "nemo",                    "new-command",                    "pink",                    "red",                    "snow",                    "tierall",                    "tieronly1",                    "tieronly2",                    "wildhex",                    "wildpoints"                ]            }        },        "lights": [            {                "id": "17",                "name": "Hue globe",                "type": "hue"            },            {                "id": "19",                "name": "Hue go",                "type": "hue"            },            {                "id": "167",                "type": "nanoleaf"            },            {                "id": "178",                "type": "nanoleaf"            },            {                "id": "1",                "name": "bar",                "type": "overlay"            }        ],    }}

As you can see the reponse list contains a lot of informaion because, and the main reason is because every user will have a different setup adn you should never rely on a command existing in one place every time.

Next page we will go in depth for each command that you can trigger and how to trigger them